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Yin Yang Yoga

Tuesday's 8-9pm

Bring some light into your day and join Natalie every Tuesday evening for the perfect blend of active Vinyasa flow (yang) and restorative stretching (yin).

Enjoy a powerful, dynamic sequence focused on building strength and endurance, followed by a slow flow, targeting the connective tissues, increasing circulation and improving flexibility.

Natalie, founder of Yoga Nura, is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher qualified in Vinyasa flow and Hatha, with a strong focus on alignment and connecting breath with movement, Natalie will guide you safely through each asana whilst providing cues & hands on adjustments to help you deepen your practice. 

Come along & share your energy with fellow yogi's & walk away feeling lighter, balanced & more energised. 

'When the light comes from within, balance is inevitable' 

~ Amy Jirsa

Location & Contact

The Arch, Underneath the Bridge

St Mary's Church, Putney, SW15 2JQ

M: 07734 044 220

E: info@yoganura.com

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